Lazeez Hakeem And My Grandfather's Hard Work

My grandfather "Mr. Hakimuddin Saheb" was of high thinking, hardworking and caring personality who laid the foundation for the upbringing of their coming generations by his hard work with the promise that all those people would also do their work with full hard work and dedication. My grandfather came to Bhopal in 1968 with his father "Tayyab Ali Sahab".

After coming to Bhopal, he did a job at Satpura Vindhyachal Bhavan as window glass installer. Apart from this, after some time, he started selling tea with his two brothers in that area by the end of 1969.

After The Vindhyachal Satpura Bhavan was built, the contractors and laborers started migrating from here to build a new project i.e Tatyatop Nagar (new market), hence, grandfather and his brothers also migrated to new market. From here, Grandfather decided to do business instead of job and start selling snacks and tea from a small shop. This was just the beginning of a long journey including the passion for quality food, hard work and dedication towards work.

After some time a new market was built, it laid the foundation of new Bhopal. Grandfather took a shop here from nagar nigam and opened a restaurant, which was named "Hakeem Hotel" on his first name. The name of the restaurant was given by his mother "Mariyam Bai Sahiba".

My grandfather and his two younger brothers "Akhtar Hussain Sahab" and "Shabbir Hussain Sahab" worked together with all their energy, time and dedication to make "Hakeem Hotel" reach new heights. Due to that, coming generations got their golden future. My great-grandmother nurtured my father, uncle and his cousins and they all had a well rounded childhood.

After a few years passed, my father and uncles started lending their hands in the family business and opened various branches, by the grace of god everything was going well. The time when came outsiders started exploiting the brand value of Hakeem and all family members were in their comfort zone, nobody was bothered by the fact that some people are trying to damage the name their ancestors have built throughout their life.

However, their work was praised by famous food lovers and high dignitaries by giving various awards such as my father received Madhya Pradesh Gaurav Award twice by two different Chief Ministers of our state i.e Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhanji and Shri Kamalnathji.

Awarded Best Biryani and Butter Chicken by Dainik Bhaskar for two consecutive years.

In 2019, News18 recognized Lazeez Hakeem as the leader of veg and non-veg food in Bhopal as well as several other awards.

Each member of the family got their separate brand name which was Hakeem's, Hakeem Hotel and Lazeez Hakeem. The name Lazeez Hakeem was handed over to my father Mr. Tahir Husain and uncle Mr. Ali Asgar.

When it came to promoting Lazeez Hakeem, my father had an exceptional concept of marketing, he started visiting schools, offices to promote his brand personally so that each and every person can get a clear idea of what we offer our guests.

Lot of people from different industries who visited Bhopal, praised our work by enjoying the delicacies of Lazeez Hakeem. People from media, Film industry, sportspersons, entrepreneurs and renowned personalities which has names like Priyanka Chopra ji, Prakash Jha ji, Sourabh Shukla ji, Raj Kumar Santoshi ji, Anurag Basu ji, Rohit Roy ji, Seema Desai Ji, Isha Malwiya Ji, Nikhil Nemat Ji, Raju Kher ji, Navjot Guriya Ji, Farhan Zama Ji, Amit Sial Ji, Biswajeet Sarkar ji, Sameer Saxena ji, Sudeepta saha ji, Tejendra Pal Bagga ji, Aniket Menon ji, Plabita Borthakur ji, Ayesha Raza ji, Prince of Bandhavgarh, Bedi ji, Syed Ahmad ji, Vivek Budakoti ji to name a few.


My father is always concerned about the authenticity of his brand because there are some people who are trying to misuse the name his ancestors have built.

Hence, I tried to sum up all the achievements in this to depict the hard work that my Grandfather, Father and our team have put in.

My name is Mohammad Husain. I am part of the cultural, discipline family and am blessed to have them. My school life was full of mischievous and energetic activities, be it studies or exams, my behavior remained the same all the time, because of these mischiefs, whenever there was a PTM, the teacher used to say "Larka intelligent hai lekin padhta nhi hai ". And my mother used to reply with a smile "Haan me janti hu". So, it was always a win-win situation for me.

I recently graduated from Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal, in Hospitality and hotel administration. During my college practicals, there was a lot of competition between me and comrades. However, in my second semester I got an opportunity to compete in a national level cooking competition where I represented my college, it held in Bangalore International Exhibition Center, Bangalore, I prepared a scrumptious traditional biryani whose recipe was given by my Grandfather to my father and he taught me. So, I started this competition with their blessings and won that, and received a gold medal with a certificate. You won't believe because of that, I was invited as a Delegate in the 7th Chef Summit held in Delhi in 2019.

This event was attended by many celebrity chefs. Hence, I got a chance to meet these dignitaries. This was the best experience of my life. But this is just a motivational factor for a budding chef.

Additionally, I spent six month as an Industrial Trainee in Sheraton Grand Bangalore and received a lot of appreciation there because of my dedication and willingness to learn. The best moment occurred when a guest speaker from Sydney wrote a letter to the management about my commendable work.

Now I want to pursue Masters in Culinary Arts from India or Abroad. So, I am focused on this and want blessings from all of you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person in my life i.e my family, the comrades in my school and college and the teachers who have taught me how to be a productive individual.


I would like to clarify here that whatever I have said is based on my knowledge, I have gathered this information from my grandparents, parents and my own observations. It reflects my family and their work order. I am not saying that anyone else (who is associated with the Hakeem name) in this conversation is a stranger to the "Hakeem" brand. They also have their own rights, but everyone's jurisdiction is different.

You would be aware of the fact that running an established brand as per its brand value requires a lot of skill. The person leading it has a lot of time experience. Buying the right raw materials for a restaurant brand is a big deal. At all times, care has to be taken that the reputation of the brand is not harmed for any reason, whatsoever. Whereas, people who are copying are not required to maintain any kind of standard. I would like to request all of you to differentiate between authentic and fake restaurants in the market according to your conscience and do not promote them.

I welcome you all and I would like to take blessings from all of you for my better future.


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